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OKAY... Now that you have received your sample message, can you think of a message that you could put into immediate action? The longer you delay, the more business you are missing out on! This is truly the Recession Buster -- priced right (only $2.50 per day) ... it will make you money !!!
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“Consumers have been trained by email spam and privacy concerns to react negatively to unexpected advertising. To a consumer, unexpected advertising is exactly the same as unwanted advertising. Research has indicated that there is a growing reluctance with consumers in volunteering their cell phone numbers for any type of offers.

This service is truly ahead of its time -- while large corporations and marketers are hellbent on harvesting consumers’ cell phone numbers, they are missing the point that they are soon going to be subject to much consumer backlash. This point is evidenced by the events unfolding in the eastern world regarding mobile spam.

Myinfo4 technology allows the consumer to remain in control; thereby easing any concerns of receiving messages at inconvenient or unwelcome times.

The best part is that the caller's cell phone number is not stored in the merchant's database - the caller is guaranteed not to receive any additional text messages. It is truly a by-request system that never compromises a caller's identity or privacy.

Who uses Mobile Broadcast service?
• Individuals
• Businesses
• Professionals
• Institutions • Bars & Restaurants
• Retail Businesses
• Service Companies
• Web-based Businesses • Churches, Schools
• Communities
• Special Events
And Much More...
What messages can you send?
• Sales Announcements
• Promotional Offers
• Discount Coupons
• Menu Specials • Real Estate Listings
• Sponsored Content
• General Business Info
• Specials of the Day • Schedules
• Special Events Calendar
• Professional Bios

What Can You Broadcast To Your Subscribers?
Here's a brief list of sample messages you can supply to your subscribers. Choose the type of message that best fits your business or purpose. And remember, you can always refine your messages, and send a new one - anytime you want, as often as you want - to meet your messaging needs.

  Bars and Restaurants...
• Provide daily specials - lunch, happy hour, early bird, more.
• Bars/Night Clubs can send schedule of featured entertainers.
• Send promotional offers - 2-for-1, free stuff, etc. Generate traffic.
  Professionals, Artists, Bands...
• Announce info about your services, products, price list, etc.
• Real estate agents can broadcast a "new listings" alert.
• Bands can send "gig" alerts and reminders to their fan base.
• Artists can publish upcoming shows and gallery events.
• Professional speakers can provide info about featured events.
  Retail Businesses...
• Provide basic business info: locations, store hours, website.
• Announce current and future sales promotions.
• Publish a "Featured Product of the Day" and offer a special price.

  Institutions & Organizations...
• Churches and ministries can send reminders of their services.
• Churches can send daily prayers to subscribed members.
• Schools can send alerts and notices to staff and/or students.
• Schools can broadcast lunch menus to parents and students.
• Organizations can broadcast special messages to members.
Why Go Mobile?
Your Audience Has Gone Mobile. So Should You.
American Idol, NBC, Barack Obama, Starbucks, Gap, New York Times, Pizza Hut, Google, The Weather Channel, Coca-Cola — these are just a few examples of big companies and organizations utilizing mobile text broadcast to reach their audiences -  and the list will only get longer!

Mobile enjoys a 95% read rate! Because it is a highly personal communications tool, mobile is the most effective way to involve consumers and deliver time-sensitive messages — better than email, radio, TV or print. Text Broadcasting can reach over 200 million consumers in the U.S. with text-enabled phones.
• Mobile is the hottest, newest form of advertising.
» It's hip. It's hot. And it's your most direct link to your customers.
» Mobile is available virtually everywhere.
» 84% of Americans have cell phones.
» Around 50 billion text messages are sent every single month.
» It's an extension of the Internet and all its marketing applications.

• Effective tool for connecting with customers.
» People take their mobile phones everywhere they go.
» Mobile is a highly desirable tool for Customer Care and PR.
» Mobile can help enhance any Web and email-based marketing.

• Affordable and easily available to every small business.
» Mobile advertising is no longer just for big brands with big budgets.
» Having a mobile presence is now very affordable.
» Mobile is great for both local or national marketing campaigns.